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Read & Play Music – Book 3

The home study course Read & Play Music teaches a complete beginner to read music and play it on the piano. By the end of the course (Books 1-4), you’ll be able to play the music you want to play, with two hands.

By the end of Book 3, you’ll be able to read tunes with complex rhythms and play them on the piano with two hands.

In the very first short lesson, you will read and play your first tune with complex rhythm. This involves developing an increased awareness and skill in accurately playing small subdivisions of time – a significant increase in your musical ability.

You’ll also greatly speed up your playing, using one of my special practice methods.

You’ll finish up by reading and playing 10 familiar tunes with complex rhythms, with two hands, to exercise your new-found skills.

And there will be more interesting stories about the world of music.

Do Book 1 now, and then Book 2, so you’ll be ready when Book 3 comes available.

50 Lessons

“21 Basic musical terms and definitions”


● 21 new musical terms and definitions
● Use of a metronome
● Skill in playing faster notes – 8th and 16th notes
● Simple chords
● Putting it all together
● Knowledge of how to read the symbols to get through a piece of music

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