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Read & Play Music – Book 2

For an individual, family, or small group.

●  13 new musical terms and definitions
●  Knowledge of pitch and timing for bass clef (left hand)
●  Skill in reading and playing 12 notes using the left hand on the piano
●  Knowledge of simple harmonies
●  Skill in reading and playing music with both hands

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For a school, choir, boys and girls club, or other large group.


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Read & Play Music is a multimedia home study course which contains lessons, audios, videos, and printables—all in digital format. Unlike printed books and music where you own the physical book, the standard for digital works is to purchase a licence to use the media.


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The home study course Read & Play Music teaches a complete beginner to read music and play it on the piano. By the end of the course (Books 1-4), you’ll be able to play the music you want to play, with two hands.

This is where you purchase Book 2 of the course. Before studying Book 2, you should complete Book 1 to make sure you have a thorough grounding in the basics. That way, your study of Book 2 will go smoothly.

In Lesson 1, you will read and play your first tune with two hands in about 30 minutes!

Here are the knowledge and skills you’ll gain in Book 2:

  • Knowledge of how pitches to be played by your left hand are represented on a staff
  • Knowledge of how music for two hands is represented in printed music
  • Knowledge of how very high and very low pitches are represented on the staff
  • Knowledge of simple harmonies (you’ll learn more about harmonies in Book 4)
  • Skill in reading and playing pitches with your left hand
  • Skill in reading and playing music with two hands
  • Skill in playing harmonies, discovering the effects you create when you play more than one note at a time.

You’ll finish up by reading and playing some familiar tunes to exercise your new-found skills.

There are 600 pages (if you decide to print it out), many short exercises to build your skill step by step, and lots of fun. About 25 hours of training, taking you much further in your adventure in reading and playing music.

You get all this for about what you’d pay for a single lesson from a music teacher!

Call for information.   +1-727-667-4601 (USA)

You may:

  • Read the course materials online.
  • Download the course materials and read them on all your personal computers or other devices.
  • Print a single copy of the course materials (or one per family or group member for those licences) from a downloaded file, for your own personal use.

You may not:

  • Resell, lend or give away your course login, any downloaded course files, or any printed course materials.
  • Print additional copies of the course materials beyond those allowed by your licence.


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