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This online course is unique for its clarity and workability:

  • Hands-on—make music right from the start, playing as you learn to read.
  • Easy steps—each step ends with an accomplishment.
  • Everything defined—every musical term and symbol is clearly explained.
  • Multimedia—key principles are demonstrated in videos and audios.

This turns the subject from a dry, boring grind into a fun and lively hands-on adventure, in which you discover music for yourself. Each book ends with a number of tunes to play with your new skills.

You won’t be learning gimmicks or memorisation tricks. You will learn the real basics of music as known and applied every day by professional musicians. It’s the real thing.

By the end of this course, you will be able to read and play the music you want to play, with two hands.

Experience the course for yourself!


Meet David Dempster…

Lifelong musician, teacher and music lover

David lives and breathes music. Spend any amount of time with David and you will likely hear him humming a tune or burst out singing a bit of a symphony. More…

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