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Affiliate Program – Overview

Thank you for your interest in being an affiliate and getting the word out about my course.

What is an affiliate?

An affiliate is someone who tells people about the Read & Play Music course and receives a commission when someone purchases it.

Being an affiliate is easy

  • No purchase needed! (You can be an affiliate without purchasing this course.)
  • No website needed! (You can spread the word simply by contacting your friends and associates.)
  • No signup fee!

All you do is sign up as an affiliate and start spreading the word – on your website, by email, or by social media.

Even better – this is a 2-level affiliate program

‘2-level’ means you can get commissions in two ways:

  1. When someone you tell about the course buys it
  2. When someone you tell signs up as an affiliate, and he tells someone else who then buys it.

Generous commission rates

I want to make this really work for you, so I’m paying you the same commission for both level 1 and level 2:

  • Your sales: You get 21% commission on each sale
  • Sales made by an affiliate you have referred: You also get 21% commission for their sales

Your commission depends on the type of licence sold:

  • Family User Licence (price $62.50): 21% commission = $13.12
  • Group User Licence – pricing depends on the size and nature of the group, but your commission will always be 21% of revenues

Your affiliate link

To make sure you are credited with commissions, you need to give out your affiliate link to prospective buyers. Your affiliate link is:

How to earn commissions

STEP 1: Create an Affiliate Account, including creating your own Affiliate ID. If you have not yet done that, click on Promo Materials, and you’ll be prompted to create your Affiliate Account.

STEP 2: Construct your affiliate link. It is  (followed by your Affiliate ID).
Example: If you Affiliate ID is “johnsmith”, then you affiliate link is  ttps://

STEP 3: Include your affiliate link in communications to your friends, when you tell them about this course. This can be in emails, twitter messages, facebook postings, on your website, and so on.

When the person you refer clicks on your affiliate link and then purchases the course, you receive a commission

When the person you refer clicks on your affiliate link and then signs up as an affiliate, they become your sub-affiliate and you receive a commission on their sales.

NOTE: this works by ‘cookies’ (small files) being stored on that person’s computer, and depends on them not clearing out their cookies.

This course is in high demand

I find there is a high demand for the course. I recently mentioned it to 13 people at a social event, and four of them wanted the course. This happens everywhere I go. It’s amazing how many people want to read and play music but don’t know how to start. And also how many have tried and failed. People love to hear that there’s a way they can easily learn music for real.

What to say – simple version

Here’s an idea for what you can write. You can copy this, and change it around to fit your style:

Hey Joe, take a look at this music course I’ve found. It teaches a complete beginner to read music and play it on the piano. And you can do it at home – no teacher needed. The first lesson is free: ‘Read and Play Your First Tune in 15 Minutes!’ Take a look – I think you might like it. And you can actually make money by becoming an affiliate and promoting it. There’s no charge for becoming an affiliate, and you can do that even if you don’t buy the course. [Then put your affiliate link here]

What to say – advanced

I’ve created some images and wording you can add to your website, to grab people’s attention and get them interested. These can also be added to emails, but doing that is a little trickier.

Here’s how to find the text and images:

  • Click the ‘Login to the Affiliate Portal’ button to sign in to the affiliate area.
  • Click ‘ADS’ in the menu.
  • Click BANNER/LINKS to find images and text elements.
  • Click CREATIVES to find longer text.

No SPAM please

When you send an email, please only do so to a personal friend or someone who has already expressed an interest. Please don’t send “SPAM”, meaning sending a message to a large random list of email addresses. That can result in you being blacklisted by email services, as well as having your affiliate account cancelled.

Where can you promote the course?

Here are just a few ideas:

  • social events
  • church meetings
  • after-school activities
  • work events
  • choir (get your choir learning new songs faster when they can read music!)
  • summer school
  • boys and girls club

If you tell someone about the course when talking to them, follow up by sending them your affiliate link.

Affiliate Terms and Conditions

I just want to go over a few points in the interest of keeping things rolling smoothly. Here are the terms and conditions:

  1. Dempster Music intends to keep this affiliate program going indefinitely, but it does reserve the right to cancel it.
  2. If an affiliate has any question about commissions, it must be raised within 3 months of the date of the sale.
  3. In the case of any dispute, Dempster Music will make best efforts to resolve the matter correctly. The affiliate accepts that Dempster Music’s decision is final.

OK, click on the Become an Affiliate button to get rolling!

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