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Disastrous decline in music-making – and my solution:

This online course is unique for its clarity and workability:

  • Hands – on – make music  right  from the start, playing as you learn to read.

  • Easy steps — each step ends with an accomplishment.

  • Everything defined — every musical term and symbol is clearly explained.

  • Multimedia — key principles are demonstrated in videos and audios.

This turns the subject from a dry, boring grind into a fun and lively hands-on adventure, in which you discover music for yourself. Each book ends with a number of tunes to play with your new skills.

You won’t be learning gimmicks or memorisation tricks. You will learn the real basics of music as known and applied every day by professional musicians. It’s the real thing.

By the end of this course, you will be able to read and play the music you want to play, with two hands.

Experience the course for yourself!

book 1

22 Lessons

“34 Basic musical terms and definitions”


●  34 basic musical terms and definitions
●  Knowledge of basic timing and pitch
●  How timing and pitches are written on a staff
●  Skill in creating a beat
●  Skill in reading and playing 12 notes using the right hand on the piano
●  Exposure to historical musical folk songs


“This course is designed for ages 12 and up. “



book 2

21 Lessons

“13 musical terms and definitions”


●  13 new musical terms and definitions
●  Knowledge of pitch and timing for bass clef (left hand)
●  Skill in reading and playing 12 notes using the left hand on the piano
●  Knowledge of simple harmonies
●  Skill in reading and playing music with both hands

book 3

Newly Released !!!

50 Lessons

“21 musical terms and definitions”


●  21 new musical terms and definitions
●  Use of a metronome
●  Skill in playing faster notes – 8th and 16th notes
●  Simple chords
●  Putting it all together
●  Knowledge of how to read the symbols to get through a piece of music

book 4

Newly Released !!!

30 Lessons

“28 musical terms and definitions”


●  28 new musical terms and definitions
●  Knowledge of Sharps and flats
●  Symbols used to read sharps and flats
●  Tempos
●  Scales
●  Putting it all together effortlessly
●  How to use your new music talent to help others

“My mission is to open up the world of music-making to all.”

~ David Dempster

‘I just finished the first lesson. It was fantastic. I read and played the tune flawlessly the first time through. On to the next lesson!’ – Lynn

This course is not just for someone who wants to be a pianist.
It provides a grounding in the essential elements of music,
invaluable for someone going on to play any instrument or sing.


This is the best possible course for a beginner because right from the start you’ll be reading the notes and playing them on your piano.


OK, so you’ve tried other music courses. Well done for not giving up! This experience will be completely different.


So you’re a member of a music group – choir, orchestra, band, etc. When everyone can read music, it can dramatically change the entire sound.

School and

Even if you have no music teacher and no music experience, you can give your children music training and turn them into real musicians.

You need no prior experience of reading music or playing an instrument

‘I played the tune by READING it, not even knowing what it was! I felt ecstatic when I finished the lesson! This is going to make piano lessons a lot more fun than they ever were before.’ – Dylan (12 years old)

‘I love the music history parts. It gives me a small sense of belonging to a group called “musicians”. For some reason that was a big deal for me, and I didn’t expect it to happen at all.’ – Susan


“Curriculum Review by Homeschool Expert Cathy Duffy”

“Read and Play Music seems to be one of the gentlest approaches I’ve encountered for learning music theory and piano. If students follow Dempster’s instructions, they can’t help but be successful.”   Cathy Duffy

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